Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boston Kitchen

A year or two back when the KFC in the Hong Kong Plaza in Rowland Heights was chased out by what is now Boston Kitchen, I wondered to myself why someone would want to open an American restaurant in a setting surrounded by restaurants serving the likes of stinky tofu and fish ball soup. But it turns out that the only thing Bostonian about Boston Kitchen was its name.

Our family went to eat here on a Friday night, and it was packed. Granted, the restaurant is very small, and it felt small. We were fortunate to arrive just as a booth opened up. As with any Chinese restaurant, the atmosphere here was loud, boistered by the 4 or 5 flat screen TVs hanging from the walls. As soon as we sat down, two friends from church came over to say hi, and we asked them what was good here. They told us pretty much everything was good.

We only ordered two dishes because it was two of us and the kids, and the kids eat like birds. We went simple, starting with the Seafood Chow Mein. This was very flavorful but a bit oily, and when I bit into the shrimp and squid, there was a slightly off taste, kinda like not-so-fresh seafood.

We also ordered the Seafood Rice Porridge, which was very good too, until I bit into the shrimp. Despite the weird taste of the seafood and the mixed reviews, I still think the food here is better than the Garden Cafe in the same plaza.

Hubby also ordered a strawberry slush. Not my kind of stuff, but the kids liked it. Didn't taste natural to me at all.

After eating, we were in a hurry to get to Mervyn's before closing time, but the waiter asked us if we were leaving already. Turns out dessert was coming. This was a bowl of tapioca, taro, and black eyed peas pudding, the yummiest part of the meal and a nice touch.

I would recommend Boston Kitchen for fairly cheap and decent Cantonese food. They are open very late and take credit cards. They also have a second branch in Hacienda Heights.

Boston Kitchen is located at 1700 Batson Ave., Rowland Heights, CA (626) 810-2300


Big Boys Oven said...

I can understand of your complains as I did found the same problem when I was in small town of Scotland, chinese restaurants!

shavedicesundays said...

They have chinese restaurants in Scotland? I wouldn't know!