Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And So It Begins

My first post. I'd thought I'd start by explaining just what that title means. I'm a mother of three really cute boys, two of whom love, love shaved ice. Not the Hawaiian type of shaved ice in the cone, but the Taiwanese ones where you get to choose two or three items ranging from jelly to fruit to beans and top it off with some yummy condensed milk soaked ice.

My eldest just started public school, so now we spend the weeknights getting him to bed early and now never have time to go anywhere on those days. But oh come those wonderful Sundays when we have all day after church to go out and visit family, get treats, do a little shopping. And my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon would be to go out, grab a bite to eat, get some shaved ice for dessert, and then head over to visit my parents in the SGV (San Gabriel Valley for those outside of L.A.) Hence, the title above.

This blog will be focused a lot on food and cooking, but I do have a lot of interests outside of the culinary area. I like to scrapbook, read, garden, knit, travel, and shop, so there will be plenty of posts in those areas too, among other things. Please bear with me as I take my first baby steps into the public blogging world!


Anonymous said...

OMG i love your blogs! Love ur step by step recipes....I cant cook period...but thanks to you...I can now!