Monday, September 22, 2008

Got Soymilk?

When I went on my quest for the perfect container for C to bring his lunch in, I also went searching for something for him to bring his milk in. Originally, I packed him with a bottle of Vitasoy soymilk everyday (the one on the left in the photo). This was a temporary solution because frankly, I wanted C to get his calcium too.

Then I came across these single servings of soymilk that were fortified with calcium and vitamins AND were organic too. I bought a case of these. Each case had 24 8.25 oz containers, and the price was comparable to the Vitasoy. Now today after reading the news about the melamine tainted milk that put more than 10,000 babies into hospitals in China, I went and checked to see where the Vitasoy was made. It was Hong Kong. All the more reason to ditch the Vitasoy for the Kirkland brand. C loves these chocolate ones, but I think they're kinda sweet for me. I wish they had the plain ones.

I had saw that Foogo had a straw bottle that would keep milk cold for 6 hours, and I tried putting milk into C's food jar to test it out. It did keep it cold for that long, but when I drank it, I felt kind of nauseated, and the milk tasted metallic. Reading reviews of it, some people experienced the same thing, so my quest for a good milk thermos continues.


Chubbypanda said...

Yeah. I either get the super big cartons of Kirkland by the case from Costco, or buy the fresh ones from 99 Ranch Market. I don't trust anything from China these days. They almost poisoned my cats!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new blog! I just came by through Wandering Chopstick's blog and I like your blog. I think Costco also has giant cartons of plain soymilk too...but I am not completely sure.

For another suggestion you could also try Yeo Soymilk in which sometimes is packaged by bottle to bottle.

shavedicesundays said...

wsl98787: Thank you! I did see the large containers of plain soymilk at Costco, but none of the single serving ones. I thought about Yeo's, but I like Kirkland's because of the organic attribute.