Thursday, September 18, 2008

I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me

Do you celebrate the Mooncake Festival aka Tet Trung Thu aka Mid-autumn Festival? Or rather did you celebrate it last Sunday? My family and I are still trying to finish all the mooncakes we received the last few weeks. These ones are filled with lotus paste, our favorite type.

There are some who like the fruit and nut filled ones but my kids would rather douse their tongues with spicy beef jerky until they can't take it anymore. No really. At least C, my eldest, would.

Hubby actually bought some mooncakes from Costco to try, and they were actually edible and not so bad. But my dear mom, who only goes for the best when it comes to food, taught me to only get freshly made ones from the local bakeries, so this is where we get ours from nowadays:

Van's, my favorite Vietnamese bakery. My favorite bakery, period. This year, I got some of their taro paste mooncakes, but these spoiled very quickly and we never got a chance to try them. Oddly enough my mom's taro mooncake also went moldy quickly too. Must have been in the same batch.

How do you celebrate Tet Trung Thu? Last Sunday, my family gathered over at my mom's. She did her little thing setting out food for the ancestors, and then we had Thai hot pot (lau Thai) for dinner. After filling ourselves, we then had a feast of desserts. This included cocktail, mooncakes of course, and fruit. Enough glucose to turn you into a diabetic. And while we were eating, our two eldest boys ran in and out looking up at the moon and chasing the crickets. Good food, good times.


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