Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cherry On Top

I was pretty late getting into the frozen yogurt craze, and I have to admit I didn't like Pinkberry the first time I tried it because I just didn't like the flavor of the plain yogurt. Then hubby saw that a new yogurt place called Cherry On Top opened up in Diamond Bar and was offering locals two for one coupons, so we ventured over there during the dog days of summer. Then I tasted the green tea and the mango yogurt and got addicted.

Cherry On Top is part of a chain, and this one in Diamond Bar always seems to have a steady stream of customers. It's located next to a Ten Ren and a Baskin Robbins in a strip mall. From a mile away, you can see the bright pink decor through the glass windows and upon entering, you hear the loud music and notice the glass cherries dangling from the ceiling. Our boys love it.

And another thing our boys love is to run to the counter, grab a container (usually the biggest one) and then run to the yogurt machines, where they self-serve their own yogurt. They like the strawberry-banana, and in addition to the green tea and mango yogurt, I've taken a liking to the peach. I believe there were 12 different flavors of yogurt to choose from.

An advantage to getting the two for one coupon is that I don't have to taint my exclusively mochi and fruit-topped yogurt with their toppings, which include things like gummy bears, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. But on this trip, it was part of my birthday dinner and cousin was with us, so I had to share with C. So he decided to dump his white chocolate chips all over my yogurt, and he put some strawberry-banana yogurt in there too. Yes I'm a selfish mommy. The point of all this rambling is that you get to self-serve your own toppings too, and their fruit toppings are pretty fresh.

Once you get everything in your container, the staff will weigh it and charge you by the ounce. Always comes out more than what we expect, but we hand over the cash willingly.

Cherry On Top is fun for the kids and yummy to the tummy for all.

This location is at 2761 S Diamond Bar Blvd Diamond Bar, CA (714) 538-5749


Unknown said...

Interesting post! I did not know Cherry on top was a self serve chain until I read your posting. Recently the Irvine location also had a 2 for 1 given to the UCI students.

Is the 2 for one basically like 50% off? Not sure about the wording of their coupon.

Great post and nice photos!

shavedicesundays said...

wsl98787: It's basically you buy two cups of the same size and you pay for just one. Go check it out!

Unknown said...

A month after this posting I finally was able to try a by ounce frozen yogurt place! It was called Tutti Frutti. Tasted pretty good but I don't know if it is a good or bad place.

We do have a Cherry on Top nearby (about 5-7 minutes away), but we never visit the area frequently.

shavedicesundays said...

wsl98787, I've never heard of Tutti Frutti, but I'm very glad you had a good experience! Let me know how it compares to Cherry on Top if you ever get a chance to go there.

Unknown said...

I think I might visit during this weekend. Just wondering, but does Cherry on Top have mochi as a topping? Their website didn't list it but they did say they have "more" toppings. Tutti Frutti didn't have mochi though, but boba and red bean were there.

shavedicesundays said...

wsl98787, yes they have mochi! You can't tell from my photo since it's buried under all that stuff, but I always get mochi for a topping.